my name is marshall and one time i found my glasses in a taco bell bag


Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk


no offense but what the fuck am i doing


"in case of fire use stairs" that’s ridiculous.  how the FUCK am i supposed to put this fire out with these stairs



You call me gay I


I hate this fucking gif so much because no matter how much I look at it this guy will never get hit. he will keep on making this gay pose. I hate this guy so much. Basically I feel like that guy on the right looking at him with so much hatred in his eyes (except my fashion sense is a little better than that)


yesterday i went to the library to read because im a nerdy girl and i love to read, unlike most girls. (: anyway i was reading twilight and tHEN I SAW ANOTHER GUY READING TWILIGHT AND HE CAME OVER AND STARTED FINGERING ME AND THEN HIS MOM SHOWED UP AND LIT HIM ON FIRE OMG THEN I ASKED HER IF SHE HAD TUMBLR AND SHES LIKE “SUPERWHOLOCK” AND GAVE ME HER URL AND IM SCREAMING


go on


go on